Know These Things before Buying Generator Tanks

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Angler Gas Tanks

Whether you’re getting ready for emergency power for your office, looking to support a job site, or have a recreational plan in mind, there can be several instances and places where a generator can supply power such as an incidence of the main power-cut.

Generator tanks are the crucial part of the full machine along with its heart, the engine. They should be in proper shape and filled with the necessary fuel to propel the engine and produce electricity. Whether you’re looking for angler gas tanks or tank made from aluminum other material, there are certain things to assess before finally making your mind to buy a new tank to install.

Storage Capacity

Sub-base generator tanks are attached below the generator engine and can store anywhere from 100 to 3,000 gallons. The height, length, and width of base-mounted generator fuel tanks can be customized by manufacturers or any tank building professionals for a desired capacity or footprint. The capacity of your tank should be calculated on the basis of how often you will need power-backup from your generator or how long you will need to run the facility.


Generator fuel systems are usually of three categories –

  • Sub base tanks
  • Underground storage tanks
  • Above ground storage tanks

Most generators are built with sub-base or base-mounted generator tanks. Remote fuel tanks can be attached with a genset that needs to run for longer periods.


Electric generators play rescuer role in keeping a business running after a blackout. There are many events when power cut becomes necessary such as during rainstorm, flood, and hurricane. Though require different types of fuel according to their functionality and model, generators are important secondary resource for power. Angler gas tanks come in different styles and shapes and made from different materials. The most favored ones are aluminum fuel tanks. You may contact professional tank builders for more information regarding their style and compatibility.

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