We Build Quality Marine Gas Tanks That Comply with EPA Standards

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EPA Standards Marine Gas Tanks

If you’re in New Jersey and ever come across an event when you need a tank for a boat, you may have heard of us – Atlantic Coastal Welding or Speedytanks. We have been continuously working dedicatedly for the last 40 years, developing EPA standards marine gas tanks for countless boating clients. What made us survive in this significantly competitive marine industry is our ability to listen to customers’ needs and building trust through quality service.

Whether you’re having a flats boat, angler boat, or a model of expensive Boston Whaler, if you’re planning to replace the fuel tank, you will need to consider a few things. To make sure you buy the best product, proper research and knowledge are vital coupled with a few expert tips.

We build boat fuel tanks particularly using either aluminum or stainless steel. Our EPA standards marine gas tanks are made out of heavy 5052 grade aluminum with three baffles in it. They comply with EPA requirements for diurnal emission that’s why they mostly have fittings on the top tank. The EPA came out with its regulations back in 2010 and all boat manufacturers are supposed to obey them.

All of generator tanks that we sell through our official website are 100% pressure tested to meet diesel fuel storage requirements. Apart from that, our technicians are highly skilled and experienced who fabricate tanks in accordance with ABYC & NMMA regulations.

We are a reputed OEM supplier of sub-base generator tanks that meet UL 142 requirements for flammable liquids. These tanks come with varying capacities and we also build customized tanks as per customer’s need. These are engineered to stay compatible with your original emergency power system for years to come.

There are not many companies available who are offering EPA standards marine gas tanks, especially if you look for them online. Our extensive experience and solid customer-base make us ideal choice for the best fuel tanks. Each of the tanks that we make is individually inspected, pressure tested, labeled, and carry out substantial warranty as per the tank size and material. We also build tanks for Coast Guard inspected vessels upon client’s request.