There are a few steps of cleaning and sealing the aluminum fuel tanks. If your fuel container under the deck is leaking or you just noticed those pinholes and a rusty exterior, you should read this. The most popular way of dealing with obsoleted tanks is to replace them. But that procedure can be out of the pocket and expensive. To ensure that your unsinkable boat runs smoothly throughout your next journey, it is important to make it work. In this article, we will talk about another method of protecting your tank which is by sealing. But before using any sealant the tank should be cleaned gently to prevent clogging in fuel line and carburetor.

Mostly this method is used when you inspect minor corrosion and damages at the outer layer. There are a wide range of tank cleaners and sealing agents available in the market. It helps in enhancing its life. You won’t need to spend too much to conceive this procedure, just follow the instructions.

Cleaning of Aluminum Fuel Tanks

Let’s begin it. If you possess aluminum fuel tanks or aluminum gas tanks, it is vital to make them free of contaminants and impurities. The remaining gas particles can be dangerous when you start sealing, so make sure they are not there. It can be done through adsorbing. Now you will need to get a flexible tube or a hose to siphon out the remaining gas inside the tank. In case of diesel, you would require to drain it down completely.

To repair the pits deep inside the tank you need to eliminate it. Here you have to put a little effort in case you’re new to it. Applying a repairing material on the surface which is even not visible is not an easy task. Make sure you’re doing the task in an open space or light a bulb. You can find various types of cleaner agents on the web that will help you in disinfecting the fuel system.


After the cleaning process, it is undoubted fact that your new coating will work effectively. Any remaining varnish or liquid will inhibit the sealant to stick to the walls of the tank firmly. Put the tank for at least 2 hours in sunlight. Use metal prep and shake it and rinse out everything. Aluminum gas tanks should be dry before you start sealing because it can be hazardous to do it damp condition. Pour in the entire canister of sealer and “roll” the tank around so that the inside of the tank is completely coated. Leave the container for 48 hours to fix the sealant. However, replacing the tank with new boat gas tanks is an ideal and recommended option. There are custom marine tank manufacturers available online to hear your concern and provide affordable solutions.