We Manufacture EPA Compliant Marine Gas Tanks

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EPA Standards Marine Gas Tanks

Speedytanks is a well-reputed company committed to meet all industrial standards and regulations while manufacturing boat gas tanks. The United States Coast Guard (USCG) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are two federal agencies that mostly oversee and regulate maritime laws and operations. The EPA was come into light in 1970 under Richard Nixon’s presidency when there was a rise in demand for a particular body to look after and protect the environment from potential threats.

As per the USCG laws, in general, each fuel system component on a boat must meet the requirements of the USCG unless the component is part of an outboard engine or is part of portable equipment.

As per the EPA, laws related to evaporative emissions do apply to fuel lines and fuel tanks used with marine engines. So EPA standards marine gas tanks become crucial since gasoline is a volatile liquid that eventually amalgamates in the atmosphere.

There are many tank builders who don’t really ponder the federal regulations regarding boat safety. Anything that is associated with fuel in a boat should be paid higher attention. Since fuel systems are responsible for holding the fuel whether it is gasoline or diesel, they should be made using the highest quality of material and with proper measurements in relation to relevant laws.

To ensure the environment and boaters both remain safe while on the water, we fabricate boat gas tanks that meet the highest safety standards. In addition to the USCG requirements, we are also an active participant in ABYC’s programs and adhere to its standards as well.

These voluntary knowledge programs and engineering standards establish obligations for the design, choice of materials, construction, and installation of permanently installed gasoline fuel systems.

We can replicate any design and make new changes if needed. If you’re having an outdated, rusted, or broken fuel system, it is the right time to consider a replacement. You may send us your queries and we will help in drawing the blueprint for your tank. Our experienced team technicians can assist with the design and build customized EPA standards for marine gas tanks that fit your specific needs.

We build tanks for boats, cars, and trucks. You can contact us for water, diesel fuel, gasoline, and holding tanks. If you’re looking for marine tank manufacturers with great experience and excellent engineering skills, contact us today.