EPA Standards Marine Gas Tanks

Diesel storage generator tanks could be built with a variety of materials. They are found in polyethylene, stainless steel, steel, aluminum, fiberglass, etc. These are either subbase tanks or above-ground tanks that support generator engine and can hold up to 3,000 gallons of liquid. These storage tanks are used to store liquids like water, diesel, petrol, chemicals, oils, and others. Steel is one of best materials when it comes to manufacturing base-mounted generator tanks.

It is equally compatible with most of these items including EPA standards marine gas tanks. The growing popularity of steel tanks could be attributed to the numerous advantages that it brings onto the table. Below we have mentioned a few of them.


Durability of any product depends on how strong it is. Tanks made of steel are very strong and can hold up to hundreds of gallons of liquid. They are structurally coercive and have incredible longevity. These tanks can actually last for centuries making them the strongest material for building storage generator tanks.


Stainless steel is used for making spoons to airplanes that says a lot about the material. Steel is probably the most adoptive material because it can be constructed and used in any form. Speedytanks use highest quality of steel to make sure that the liquid that is to be stored, gets a compatible environment. Be it oil, water, fuel or chemical, tanks made of steel can store them without any undesired reactions.


Cleaning and maintaining storage tanks is a very important and tedious task. Tanks made from other materials are not only difficult to clean but they also accumulate sediments faster than steel, making cleaning a more frequent process.

EPA standards marine gas tanks that are made of steel on the other hand are easy to clean and maintain. These tanks are finished so well that they do not corrode or rust.

Cost Effective

Compared to all the advantages that these tanks offer, they are not very expensive. In fact, in the long run they are much more cost effective due to low maintenance.

Tanks and pipwork testing are essential parts of any generator troubleshooting program. If the tanks and pipelines fail, results can be catastrophic. Failures can lead to contamination and various wider environmental problems. Additives from fuels can hasten storage tank corrosion and break down pipe sealants, resulting in shortened pipework and reduced fuel storage tank life expectancy. We are here to help you acquire quality marine and generator tanks.