When it comes to buying a new fuel tank for the boats, boaters often prefer to contact their boat manufacturers. For instance, those who have expensive and branded boats such as Grady White and Boston Whaler boats, they might look no further than directly contacting dealers of their respective boats. But when it comes to installing fully customized boat gas tanks, you require someone who could take responsibility for manufacturing.

Boat Gas Tanks

Boat tanks come in different shapes, material, and size. They can be permanently placed below the deck or can be portable. The capacity can start out at 12 gallons and range up to 58 gallons and above. Aluminum fuel tanks mostly come in rectangular, belly, tapered, cylindered and D-style shapes while plastic marine fuel tanks are mostly rotationally molded topside. However, tank builders specialize in building fuel tanks in assorted shapes and sizes to make them compatible with the hull or deck.

Here are the five helpful tips to select the right boat gas tanks manufacturers.

Don’t buy a pre-built tank

If you’re considering pre-built aluminum gas tanks from an e-commerce shop, it might bring some pain later. You never know actually how it was constructed and until it gets shipped to you the fear of the unknown can be torturing. It’s better to buy other installation materials such as fill hose and capacitive senders from a reputed boat accessory shop. But, doing it conventionally by reaching out to original tank builders online and sending those drawings and requirements would be an ideal choice.

Check experience

If you want your boat engine to perform without halting, it should be powered with an adequate fuel system. The marine industry is full of veterans as well with newcomers. You hire people who have at least 15+ years of experience in fabricating boat gas tanks. It can be risky to go with inexperienced professionals as they might not aware of its nuances and standards.


You can bank on people who have started from a small rugged space to build tanks for their clients and now have managed to pride in their accomplishments. You can choose a tank manufacturing company that is well-reputed in the field for the aluminum gas tanks and products it produces. You may expect a higher level of craftsmanship and customer service from a company that has been continuously serving the marine industry and the US Coast Guard.


It is a must for your aluminum fuel tanks to meet with the federal regulations and EPA standards. The tank should exceed USCG requirements and US Coast Guard, ABYC, and NMMA standards. It is crucial for you to hire tank manufacturers who are certified and licensed for doing this job.