Aluminum Marine Diesel Fuel Tank Design and Fabrication

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Marine tank fabrication is a long procedure and can be understood when you observe it visually. And if talk about fuel, it is only worth it when you utilize it to make some profit whether it is in the form of cruising enjoyment or in value of precious fishes. You can’t use diesel for personal use, but if you are a boater then professionally, you’ll always want to store it in a safe and reliable place. Aluminum diesel tanks are no doubt the best solution to store your fuel and then transfer it to the parts and devices where it needed most – your boat engine and its features that run on fuel.

Aluminum fuel tanks are used in a variety of vehicles, machines, and operations, including trucking, boating, farming, and chemical storage. And there is a huge demand for custom build tanks. Fortunately, to fulfill a huge market there are enough skilled manufacturers and companies. American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) has set some standards for design and installation of tanks made for marine purposes.

Sometimes repairing old tank is not a feasible solution when there is too much corrosion, dents, and pitting.  And it becomes necessary to replace it with the latest one. But regrettably, you might find a lot of tank builders who are not much upright to follow the ABYC standards. They often violate the specifications set especially for diesel fuel. So it is better to do some research before giving your project to a fabricator.

Aluminum Diesel Tanks

Custom marine fuel tanks are simply the finest combination of architecture, engineering, customer service, and price. You get the desired features and advantages when your vessel tank manufactured strategically. Let’s assume, what if you get a tank without baffles and with no inspection ports? Many boats come with built-in fuel tanks and it is a matter of time, cost, and extra effort to add additional features to them.

There are various material options – stainless steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and polyethylene. But, as it is apparent, if you want aluminum diesel tanks in customized size, shape, capacity, and with desired features then that is only possible when you choose either steel or aluminum. Compared to aluminum, steel is considered stronger but when it comes to weight and anti-corrosion properties, aluminum is comparatively considered safe and reliable.

If you choose a reputed company for aluminum fuel tanks, it will provide you tanks with an epoxy coating which saves from any chemical reaction inside the fuel. Tanks constructed with 5052-grade aluminum alloy come under standard guidelines.

Designing a tank comprises of many procedures and it requires advanced tools, equipment, and expertise to execute rightly. Skilled operators use several machining capabilities such as plasma cutting, Mig or Tig welding, bending, and press breaking. Only certified manufacturers can design and install custom marine fuel tanks properly.