It’s been over 10 year now since I started my conversion on my 1993 F-350 Diesel pickup truck so that I can burn used vegetable oil. It has been an interesting experiment. I have continued to modify the system, and always have improvements in mind.

I started 10 years ago by buying a used fuel tank and installing it in the bed of the truck enclosed in an insulated wooden box with copper tubing running coolant under it to heat it. Crude, but it didn’t cost much and built my confidence to the point where I felt that I could make something more permanent. That is when I hired a local welding shop to build and aluminum tank that would replace the rear tank on the truck. I didn’t just replace the 19 gallon rear tank though. Since the spare tire was supposed to hang under that tank, and hadn’t for year. (One of Ford’s better ideas that really wasn’t that great) I designed the tank to be over 2 tames the original capacity by making it deeper. So the new veggie oil tank is about 45 gallons. This gives me over 600 mile range on veggie alone, not counting the front tank of diesel fuel.

I then installed several heat exchangers all of the way up the the front of the truck and a Vormax centrifugal fuel filter behind the back seat.

The truck really has 2 complete fuel systems. The original diesel fuel system is largely untouched except for a few modification. I no longer use a mechanical fuel pump but have a fuel pump for each fuel system, and this how I determine the fuel that is used, by simply turning on the right pump. The fuel selector valve now only determines where the bypass fuel goes. This is so that I don’t contaminate the diesel tank with veggie oil. It doesn’t matter if I put diesel fuel in the veggie oil. So when I switch to veggie, I immediately switch the the return switch to the veggie tank, but when I switch from Veggie to diesel, I leave the return valve on the veggie tank until I am sure that the system is purged of veggie oil.

These are just some of the things that I have done to my truck to make it a duel fuel, diesel and vegetable oil runner.

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